Tax Preparation Services

The correct preparation of your tax return can mean the difference between whether your retirement is spent in comfort enjoying the fruits of your labor or working to continue to make ends meet. Not to mention how much expendable income you have from day-to-day and whether you can set aside adequate funds to send your children to college, or return to school yourself.

The staff at A.M. Accounting & Taxes, Inc. attends continuing education seminars and workshops to keep abreast of changing tax laws. We know how to best take advantage of deductions designed to enhance your particular situation.
Don’t trust your taxes, whether individual, partnership or corporate, to no one else but the staff at A.M. Accounting and Taxes. We offer refund anticipation loans and electronic filing all designed to give you the best service of your funds.


We provide professional accounting services and programs that manage your business finances effectively, affordably and promptly.